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'Strikingly beautiful' Kylie Bisutti Winner of Victoria's Secret's Model Search leaves prostitution modelling for Christ!

THE POWER OF CHRIST AND FAITH IN GOD (even if faith is often blind!

 In the Green Room with Kylie Bisutti


Published on 20 Feb 2014
Former Victoria Secret model, Kylie Bisutii and her husband, Mike discuss love, life, and real beauty.

She Beat 10,000 Contestants To Win Victoria’s Secret’s Model Search. Then She Did The Unthinkable.

April 22, 2014

At the age of 19, it seemed like Kylie Bisutti was destined for fame and fortune. She had just won Victoria's Secret's super-prestigious 'Secret Model Search,' beating out over 10,000 other contestants. Strikingly beautiful as well as ambitious, nothing stood between her and the fulfillment her dream: to become the next supermodel. 

And then she did the unthinkable. As abruptly as she shot to the top of the modeling industry, she walked away from it. For good. Her decision shocked her colleagues, and the tens of thousands of other women who would have given anything to be in her place. 

But why did she do it? In this CBN interview, Kylie explains her decision, and peels back what she says is the dark underbelly of the world of professional modeling. 

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Is the God of the Old Testament a “Killer”?   Who created Evil?
Does God punish us for being sinners?   Is Speaking in Tongues of God?
What happens at the Judgment?   Is the Trinity doctrine true?
Don’t confuse “Eternal Life” with Immortality   Why did God create women?
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Obviously there has been some mistake somewhere, and it turns out that the translators are responsible, and pastors and Bible scholars are complicit in this travesty - partners in crime, if you will - by blindly embracing the erroneous translations.
If God tells us to LOVE our enemies, why is He going to DESTROY His enemies in hellfire?
Can Satan do anything if God does not allow it? If God allows it, is it God’s will?
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If Jesus was resurrected on Sunday, why aren’t the words “Sunday” or “first day of the week” found anywhere in any of the original manuscripts of the Bible?
How is God going to “wipe away all your tears” if your loved ones are burning in hellfire?
Why have the words “Jew” and “Gentile” been written into the Bible erroneously. (They aren’t found in the original Bible manuscripts.)

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A 1991 letter from the Department of the Army endorsing the building of Civilian Concentration Camps in the U.S.  They are now built and ready for occupancy.
The Plan for the Destruction of Christianity and Christians by the New World Order
The United Religions Initiative initiating a One World Religion
The Apostolic Letter from Pope John Paul II demanding a national Sunday Law – the end of freedom of Religion in America.
The diabolic Perversion and Destruction of Public Education
The Planned Destruction of the Family
Deliberate Degeneracy in the Arts and Entertainment 
The Planned Destruction of the U.S. Military
The Merging of the United States, Canada and Mexico by 2010
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Are homosexual relationships just like heterosexual relationships?
Is the homosexual lifestyle so dangerous that it enormously increases their chance of developing a number of life-threatening diseases?
Does the male homosexual lifestyle decrease their life expectancy by decades?
Is the mainstream media reporting the gay scene properly, or do they have an agenda?
Aren’t those who don’t endorse the gay lifestyle nothing more than narrow-minded homophobic bigots?
Can we trust those in positions of power in government, medicine, and religion to tell us the truth about these issues?

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The Man of Galilee
by Atticus G. Haygood

"Who and What was Jesus of Nazareth? In this question and its answer is involved the whole of what we mean by Christianity." So begins "The Man of Galilee," by Atticus G. Haygood. It provides the clear answer to this most fundamental of all questions.

A 1994 issue of Life Magazine stated "To some, Jesus is the Son of God, born to a virgin . . . to others, He's a myth, a novelistic invention of the Gospel writers, who required a charismatic anchor for their nascent churches. He is, they say, an idea."

Some say "there is no such person in the history of the world as Jesus Christ. There was no historical, living, breathing, sentient human being by that name ever. The Bible is a fictional, non-historical narrative."

The "Man of Galilee" sets out to prove the divinity of Jesus, while shattering the arguments of those who contradict His doctrines -- that seek to overthrow them. Nothing will be assumed:

It will not be assumed that the little books called the "Gospels" were inspired at all.
You will not be asked to consider any miracle said to have been performed by Jesus, as proof of His divinity.
Proof texts will not be quoted to prove that Jesus is divine.
And you will not be asked to accept anything on faith.

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What Happens at the Judgement?
Is God Going to Destroy His Enemies?
by Lorraine Day, M.D.

A stranger looking at Christianity would certainly conclude from reading the present Christian literature that there are two great powers struggling for supremacy, one good, and one evil, and that the evil one is winning now and will eternally triumph over the good, because only a small fraction will be saved from the clutches of the evil one.

What Happens at Judgment?

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Most Christians believe that those who give their lives to Christ will spend eternity in heaven and in the new earth, but those who DON'T know Christ will be destined either to permanent annihilation or a burning hell of some duration, either forever or at least for a time. Some think the "time" will be as long as each individual deserves - since God is "just!"
Some say it's really a "loving act" for God to burn up His children because they wouldn't want to be in heaven anyway! Is this the "GOOD NEWS" about God? Is this the "Glad Tidings of Great Joy"? A dilemma arises regarding our picture of God. If God is truly loving, how could He burn up His children? Or how could He even permanently annihilate them? But if God is "just" as we have been taught, then how could He do anything else?

In this video and booklet you will find the amazing Biblical answers to the following questions, questions that should be of concern to EVERY Christian.
Is God a KILLER God?
Does God KILL in order to STOP the killing?
Does God BREAK His Commandments in order to UPHOLD them?
Does God tell US to love our enemies, but He's going to BURN His enemies, either to death - or FOREVER?
Is God "above" His own law, just as earthy rulers are "above" the laws they impose on the people they rule?
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Was Jesus Really Resurrected on Sunday?
by Lorraine Day, M.D.
This study does NOT endorse the Wednesday Crucifixion -
Sabbath afternoon Resurrection

Almost the entire Christian world observes Sunday as the day of worship, claiming to do so in honor of the resurrection of Jesus. But was Jesus really resurrected on Sunday, the first day of the week? What do the original Greek scriptures say?
Is Sunday worship Biblical or only a tradition? If it's a tradition, Jesus spoke strongly against it when he said "In vain they do worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments (traditions) of men!" Matthew 15:9

This video and booklet will reveal:
What is the importance of the "Sign of Jonah" in respect to Jesus' death and resurrection? It's the only sign Jesus gave!
Jesus said he would be in the "heart of the earth 3 days AND 3 NIGHTS." With a Friday crucifixion and a Sunday resurrection there are ONLY two nights, no matter how you figure it.
Does "heart of the earth" really mean "grave"?
Why is the Greek word Sabbaton translated "Sabbath" 59 times but is arbitrarily translated "first day of the week" 9 times?
On which day does the Bible command us to worship God?
On which day did Jesus worship when He was on earth?
After Jesus' resurrection, did He change the day on which we are to worship Him?
Sabbath Resurrection

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