Friday, 15 January 2016


My grandchildren deprived of their granddad's 'precious' library!

  1.  The local Central Baptist Church took over a hundred of my magazines, books, dictionaries and Encyclopaedias on Christianity!
  2. The local Jehovah Witnesses refused to take their own books and magazines I kept for decades, from since I was a teenager!
  3. My nephew took my brand new 40 volumes Encyclopaedia Britannica and a few other books.
  4. An older set of the Britannica that the Church declined to take was eventually taken away by visitors to the ghetto where I have been FORCED to live since 1998 thanks to blatant racism of the Walthamstow Local Authorities.  Jewish Zionist Neil Gerrard was then Labour Member of Parliament (1992-2010)!
  5. A friend took a few hundreds of my science, economics, literature, Islamic and other books.  He is willing to take over a hundred more of my tapes, gadgets, and books on religion, myths and magic, and books on unexplained phenomena.
  6. My younger brother and sister who live not far said they would or could not take any!
  7. One Mauritian local Masjid ("mosque") leader said they had no use of even books on Islam.
  8. The local Kashmir "Charity" said they wanted none of them!
  9. One Oxfam "Charity" took some I brought to them and said they would take more, but I have a big problem taking the books to them.
  10. Many other people including mothers I asked on the streets or at school said they needed none of them because they had "Google".
  11. I gave away hundreds of video tapes, DVDs, audio tapes, my grand daughters' toys, creations, and books.
  12. I gave away a van full of electronic and other items and office furniture plus £40 cash destined for the Samouni Family in Palestine following Kenneth O'keefe's Appeal.  I understood that they were all stolen and Ken was threatened of arrest when he went to make a statement to the Police.  The Police, the government, the banks and the media (mainly the BBC) were in cahoots to prevent us from helping the Palestinian survivors of the Israeli orchestrated Holocausts!   
  13. My French wife threw a few hundreds of my books and tapes in a skip especially ordered for that after she had me kicked out of my home with the help of two "Jehovah Witnesses" embezzlers!  She and her new Chevalier Servant, one Christopher Dean Harrington from that Freemasonic Sect, her accomplice in crime, had even called the Police saying that her life was in danger because of me!  Why?  Because she felt so scared to death that I would find out she was plotting behind my back with Christopher and his father Robert, and Christopher's wife Jayne to steal my assets and kick me and my 14 year-old son out of our home!  But, I already knew and saw enough and I never used violence in my entire adult life although I have been a victim of violence many times, including Police and military brutality.
  14. Having been forced to move from my home in Mauritius (three times) in the seventies and nineties I lost most of my books and personal archives.   This include my books in Russian, University notes, and personal photographic albums.
  15. I was literally forced (murder of my unborn child, blackmail, racist judges, etc.) to move from France in the eighties.
  16.  Then, again, I was forced to move from Mauritius in the nineties because my own Satanic elder brother had planned to kidnap my son and had convinced my treacherous wife to invest in his business behind my back!  Christopher Harrington would do the same a few years later! 
 Some had decided in advance that our grand children would have no use of a proper library!

17.  And again in or around 2012 I was forced out of my son's home losing vital legal documents, photographic albums, and more books.  And much of the early souvenirs of my grandchildren, but I still have too much left.  A year later (or less) it was my son who had to leave his home after accepting to divorce his wife!  So, what's the use of books and of my (our) failed past? 
18.   I still am trying hard to "get rid" of all my useless past and trying very hard to rescue at least the essentials because otherwise I will not be able to 'properly' receive my three ganddaughters at my place aged 3, 9 and 10!  Yet, I AM ACCUSED (not later than yesterday 15.1.2016!) of not doing enough to "declutter" and sanitize the place!  Throw away everything!  Who gives a damn about your past!  I was made to understand! 

In short, I made a lousy Bourgeois father and grandfather!
 [17 January 2013]

 Well, I too do not give much of a damn about my worthless past (except to me!) as all was about the TRUTH and very few people are interested in that extremely rare commodity for which reason the majority of us chose a life of slavery even after the truth is revealed to them!  Too powerful dark forces are at work and they are being terrorised on a daily and hourly basis and the Gospels were wrong to say that THE TRUTH WOULD SET US FREE!  


Posted by British MP George Galloway

 I obtained the above picture posted on my dear correspondent Vickie Jacobs' facebook page. (USA)


Saturday 16th of January 2016

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