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Aishah Frémaux-Soormally - WAR, WAR, WAR, I AM SICK OF WAR!

Dieudonné - LA GUERRE



Published on 28 Jun 2017

By Aishah Frémaux-Soormally
19 July 2017

 War, war, war, I am sick of war

That is waged to kill and plunder,

Making more damage than thunder,

And all natural disasters

Put together by war masters.*

War, war, war, I am sick of war!

Defend King and country, they say!

But, theywar only for profit,

And always bomb as they see fit!

Leaving behind scars in millions,

Aggrandizing their dominions,

And getting richer by the day!

It is all about might makes right,

The whole world to conquer and own,

Permanent wars and no peace shown.

The religion of the mighty,

No feelings for humanity,

No compassion for human plight!

* (bank gangsters)

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Aïshah  Frémaux-Soormally



 Aïshah Frémaux-Soormally

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  1. Among the top and greatest warmongers I was taught in History:
    "WHITE" European "Aryans" and their colonies,associated with Jewish Israel (Stolen Palestine.

  2. The Ten Commandments of a Demoncrap
    Michael King
    1. You shall always support massive government spending, massive deficits, high taxes, endless money printing, and any regulatory scheme or executive mandate that will increase and consolidate the dictatorial power of the Federal government.
    2. You shall always blame the ensuing economic dislocation and inevitable hardship caused by the 1st Commandment upon "the rich" and the business class. Rub raw the wounds of public discontent and then present yourself as the benefactor of downtrodden humanity while rolling out the next program for government expansion.
    3. You shall always support the killing of unborn babies -- referring to them as "fetuses" -- right up until the 9th month of pregnancy and even afterwards. Selling the organs for cash is an added bonus.
    4. You shall always support, promote and protect insanity, ugliness, godlessness, perversion and depravity of any kind -- including abstract art, degenerate music, literature and film, pornography, adultery, graphic sex-education for children, promiscuity, the glorification of the "single mom," child pornography, homosexuality, lesbianism, cross-dressing and even, albeit it with necessary caution, bestiality and the raping of children.
    5. You shall always support any incremental step toward the ultimate abolition of private firearm ownership. Use "the children" as your main front for this project.
    6. You shall always support any incremental step toward the ultimate blending out and murdering off of the White Race. This includes discrimination, imposed under the high-sounding name of "diversity," against White college applicants and job candidates; the agitation of Blacks, Browns, Asians and Jews into envying and hating Whites; the tearing down of the memory of famous historical White personages; and the constant guilt-shaming of Whites into self-hatred.
    7. You shall always support unlimited legal and illegal immigration from the Turd World, along with the welfare programs and voter registration that follow.
    8. You shall always support any incremental step toward, or organization working for the establishment of an all powerful one-world government.
    9. You shall always work toward the feminization and dis-empowerment of males, and, conversely, the masculinization and empowerment of females, with the ultimate objective being the effective abolition of marriage the traditional family.
    10. You shall always promote and never deviate from the fake sciences of St. Hawking's Bing Bangism, St. Darwin's Evolution, St. Einstein's Curved Space Relativity, and St. Gore's manmade CO2 based Global Warming / Climate Change.